An independent investment management company focusing on real estate investment


The team at Redito is a group of long experience professionals in the real estate industry and with a background in transactions, real estate development and private equity/corporate finance.

Jan Björk

Founding Partner

Patrik Hegbart

Founding Partner

Marc Von Melen

Chief Executive Officer

Magnus Grape

Investment Manager

Andreas Norberg

Head of Property Development

Gustaf Leissner

Project Development Manager

Lina Lundström

Project Development Manager

Emil Natanaelsson

Head of Asset Management Sweden

Axel Truc

Junior Investment Manager

Fredrik Bergkvist

Head of Commercial Management

Joel Huotilainen

Commercial Manager

Laleh Poornasr

Commercial Manager

Anders Kindstedt

Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Nilsson

Chief Financial Officer

Linnéa Kylberg

Chief Financial Officer

Andreas Törnqvist

Head of Technical Management Sweden

Jarmo Pulliainen

Head of Technical Management Finland

Charlotte Hegbart

Office Manager

Elin Stopner

Commercial Manager

Tommi Seppänen

Senior Asset Manager

Charlotta Björk

Business Developer